Fall is quickly approaching and also the turning of the leaves Associate in Nursingd shortening days signifies an finish to the long, lazy summer afternoons spent tending to our showing neatness manicured lawns of inexperienced grass. rather than simply hanging up your weed eater for the season, why not pay an additional couple of minutes to perform some preventative maintenance on your gas supercharged weed eater in order that once succeeding years spring rains end in a revived growth of your field, will not|you will not} waste time debilitating dangerous gas or determining why the engine won’t begin.
There area unit a couple of basic things that you just can have to be compelled to prepare your weed eater for a protracted winter’s nap. these things include:


Flat blade screwdriver
Metal hand tool
Stiff barbellate brush (like Associate in Nursing previous toothbrush)
Garden hose or pressure washer
Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer
Air and filter (if applicable)
I like to stay a comparatively clean garage therefore before I break open the weed eater for surgery, i favor to spray it down with a hosepipe or pressure washer. I conjointly use a flat blade screwdriver in conjunction with alittle metal hand tool Associate in Nursingd an previous toothbrush to essentially get into all of the cracks and crevices to uproot the dried up grass, mud and crud that has designed up over the past “lawning” season (yes, I contemplate this a sport, exercise and a contest with my neighbors all rolled up into one).

Once you’ve got a pleasant clean tool, you’ll be able to take apart the top and examine the road holding spool, springs, retainers and also the drive shaft. now’s an honest time to lubricate the moving components with a trial of WD-40 and to lubricate the drive shaft in line with the manufacturer’s directions. this is often an excellent time to refill the spool of the weed eater in order that once succeeding “lawning” season rolls around you’ll be able to merely flee the weed eater and begin operating whereas your competition (read neighbors) area unit busy casual with winding string.


Give a smart once over to the handle and throttle management of the weed eater to insure that each one bolts and wacky area unit totally tightened. several weed eaters have Associate in Nursing adjustment nut on the throttle trigger to restrain any slack which will have developed over the years.

Now flip your attention towards the engine. Add the suitable quantity of Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer to the tank and once combining totally, run the engine for a moment or 2 to confirm that the stabilizer reaches the mechanical device reed, seals and gaskets. It’s higher to use a gas stabilizer and leave fuel within the entire equipment to avoid dried out seals and varnishing of interior components which can happen if you empty the equipment out utterly.

After the engine has cooled down, take away and examine the air cleaner similarly because the filter (if your weed eater is supplied with one). examine the fuel lines and insure that they’re still soft and pliable. Cracked, brittle, or broken fuel lines ought to get replaced right away.

Next, remove, examine and clean or modification the plug. this can facilitate insure a fast begin, sleek running and facilitate with the fuel potency of the motor.

Finally, i favor to position a really light-weight coat of WD-40 on all of the metal components to assist stop rust. this will simply be removed with some soap and water at the start of succeeding “lawning” season.

Don’t forget to feature the right quantity of Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer to your gas will and shake it up to combine totally in order that you are not questioning what to try to to with a will of dangerous gas next spring. bear in mind to require a couple of minutes to properly store your weed eater and every one of your field and garden tools in order that you’ll be able to be assured of a fast and straightforward begin once gap day of succeeding “lawning” season arrives.